Stepping into the Unknown: The Plank Challenge

Ever felt something was simply impossible for you to achieve?

Me too, and it is a very natural feeling.

We don’t know what we don’t know before we know it.

Humans are creatures of reason, driven by the instinct to survive and preserve an equilibrium. Our brains constantly run mental simulations of their current situation and environment in order to detect its opportunities and especially its possible threats and lurking failures. When we observe a challenge which appears greater than our perceived resources, it is only rational to back down. Indeed, we are more likely to engage in actions in which we are already good at.

However, in order to evolve, thrive and reap the benefits which delving deeply into our resources can bring, we must also sometimes step out of the comfort zone, and engage in activities which stretch our mental reserves.

Another question: have you ever surprised yourself with something you thought you could’t do but you did it anyways? Me too! Remember the joy and satisfaction that followed?

Imagine if you never took the first step.

All change comes down to our ability to somehow see beyond our current capacity seeing into what might be. In addition to being a strength potential, sisu is an enabling agent and seems to be especially useful in generating the impetus to tackle a highly challenging task. I decided to name this capacity the action mindset (a consistent, courageous approach toward challenges) because it conveys the dynamic nature of sisu as a quality which simply enables us to get shit done (excuse my French).

Having an action mindset invokes visions of one´s future self, inspires ACTION and hence, allows us to expand our capacities.

What all could you do if you didn’t get in your own way?

If we dare to see beyond our present situation and capacity, we start to act and move toward our goals, pushing past our barriers. Transforming mental barriers into frontiers. The conceptual difference between the two realities is explosive!

This is where the plank challenge comes in.

Plank challenge

Doing a plank for five minutes sounds like a total no no for an average mortal. However, piecing this challenge into 30 daily little sub goals will do the trick. Your job is just to be relentless, stick to your routine and your body will do the rest. The end result from this self-inflicted discomfort? A gift to yourself which goes way beyond something as trivial as tight abs (no one really needs to stay in a plank for 5 minutes – unless you work in a circus. In which case we’ll come up with a different challenge for you—involving lions and cannons). The glorious reason to take this challenge, and follow through, is that you will:

A) train your ability to see into what might be, see into a potential reality which is non-existent at the moment

B) show yourself you are able to take action and stick to a goal

c) train your willpower, which then also transfers into others areas of your life

On on! You can sign up by giving me a shout at the Sisu page (or in the comments section below). We will keep a track of everyone’s progress and I post the results sheet in the end of the month. Just add a quick daily shout-out [DONE!] here or to twitter #SisuPlank. Don’t forget you can also challenge someone to do this with you > : D

Ps. If you need extra motivation, follow Norma Bastidas (also here) as she tackles her own fierce 30 day challenge of attempting to finish the worlds longest triathlon. This means she runs, cycles and swims over 10 hours a day from Cancun to Washington ton D. C. (this is over 3500 miles) . The reason for the crazy stunt? In Norma’s words: “To demonstrate to the world that one’s past does not dictate one’s future, and prove that everyday people are capable of making extraordinary strides in the fight against the problems facing the world today.” Norma is putting in the miles to combat human trafficking, which is a massive problem in our modern day world and a grave violation of human rights. Come support her, spread the word of her cause and build your own willpower muscle along the way.

Norma Bastidas ultra triathlete

Norma Bastidas ultra triathlete 2
Norma’s challenge started today, March 1st. #BeRelentless, you fierce and phenomenal one.


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