Winds of Change: New Website is Up!

Emilia Lahti sisu domestic violence perheväkivalta

The new site: “Sisu -Transforming Barriers into Frontiers” represents all the love, passion, purpose and post-traumatic growth that went into recrafting my life in the past years. Thank you for being on this journey with me as I could have never done it without you. Thank you Saad (my fiancé) for the outstanding web-design, and most of all, for your unconditional love.

For the old Plutarch Project subscribers: I will continue writing about systems thinking and cultural change but the lens might be slightly broader covering exciting things such as positive psychology applications and human rights (which all actually fit within the spectrum of systems thinking… good on me for falling love with such an all-encompassing field!). I will write also about my research on sisu (a Finnish word for fortitude, determination and strength of will, which is also a universal capacity within all individuals.) The ultimate purpose of all this? To enable a more positive future for all. However, just wanted to give you a heads up if this is not what you originally signed up for : )

There is no such thing as a meaningless thought or action. Everything we have ever seen, heard, thought or felt is encoded in the gray membranes of our neocortex. What we focus our attention to becomes our consciousness and our reality; what becomes our reality, becomes our life. How we behave and what we hold in reverence becomes part of the broader cultural narrative. Friends: let´s create a culture of well-being and sisu together!

Welcome to my brand new website at

“Love is metaphysical gravity.” [but so is sisu]
R. Buckminster Fuller

Emilia Lahti sisu Plutarch

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